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Can Metal Railings Enhance Property Value?

As wooden fence panels weather, they may lose their original colour, diminishing the appearance of your home's exterior. In contrast, metal railings require minimal maintenance, merely needing occasional cleaning, and they can contribute to increasing your home's resale worth.

Making a Good First Impression

Elegant wrought iron railings can enhance curb appeal, ensuring that the front of your property leaves a positive impression, particularly crucial when selling. Railings can serve as a focal point, distinguishing your home from neighbouring properties and making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Enhancing Security

Security is a priority for homebuyers, and metal railings offer a sense of protection, deterring potential intruders, thieves, and vandals. Intruders typically target properties with low or easily scalable fencing, whereas wrought iron railings provide durability and are difficult to climb.

Customized Aesthetic

Whether you seek intricate designs for a traditional property or a minimalist look for a new build, metal railings can be tailored to match your home's style, enhancing its character. Aligning the design with your property's architecture can leave a positive impression on prospective buyers.

Long-Term Value

Wrought iron railings are both cost-effective and visually appealing, offering enduring value. With their durability and low maintenance, they provide a beautiful border for your property for many years. While prices vary based on size and design, exploring different styles can give you a clear idea of costs.

Why Choose Us?

At Malton Gates, we offer a diverse selection of wrought iron railings, from decorative scrolls to simple hoop top designs, catering to various home styles. Whether you need protection for a rural estate or a sleek railing for a townhouse, our extensive range can meet your needs. Additionally, our made-to-measure service ensures a perfect fit for non-standard openings, and our team is available to offer technical assistance and address any inquiries regarding installation or sizing. Feel free to contact us at 01642 673884 for assistance.


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